One Faith

It has sometimes been taught that those in the Old Testament had one way of salvation (obedience to the law) while those in the New Testament (as well as for us today) have another way of salvation (trust in the Lord).  But there is only way for anyone to be saved and that is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.  There is one body, Spirit, hope, Lord, faith, baptism, God and Father for those in Christ (Eph. 4:4-6).  And the author of Hebrews teaches us clearly that the gospel was preached to those in the Old Testament (Heb. 4:2) and that the saints of the Old Testament were declared righteous only by grace through faith in Christ (Heb. 11).  David Murray has an excellent book explaining how we can and are meant to see “Jesus on Every Page” in the Old Testament.  English pastor Charles Bridges makes this truth clear in his comments on Psalm 119:135… 

Indeed whatever obscurity may hand over the question relating to the faith of the Old Testament believers, their confidence at the throne of grace shows them to have attained a far more distinct perception of Christian privilege, through the shadowy representations of their law, than is commonly imagined.  Else how could they have been so wrestling and persevering in their petitions; overcoming the spirit of bondage, and breathing out the spirit of adoption in the expression of their wants and desires before the Lord?  The prayers of the Old Testament church are not more distinguished for their simplicity, spirituality, and earnestness, than for their unfettered, evangelical confidence.  When they approached the footstool of the Divine Majesty, with the supplications — Make thy face to shine upon thy servant, — Thou that dwellest between the cherubims, shine forthit was as if they had pleaded‘Reconciled Father — thou that sittest upon a throne of grace, look upon us — Abba, Father, be gracious to us!'”


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